The decision to revive and repurpose Mensheds Australia Ltd goes back to early 2018, when Men Sheds of WA decided to act on the slow progress of the “4 states in conversation” to implement its decision to form a new national body.

Following over two years of talking about how things should be at a National level with four States no longer members of the current body, progress is being made on forming a new association.

On the 27th June 2018 Mensheds Australia Limited called a meeting of the Four states in conversation to bring them up to date on the progress of establishing a National association that is owned by the State and Territory associations.

Four representatives from each of the four States were invited to attend by tele conference to hear and contribute to what is happening.

Opening comments were made by the new Chairman of MSA, Trevor Taylor, on the importance of working together in unity to establish an association that is seen as democratic, encouraging and serving the Men’s Shed movement across Australia.

A report was given on the state of the due diligence being undertaken on using Mensheds Australia Limited as the basis of the new organisation. Much was discussed about this as it is a work in progress and although not yet complete shows that there is great promise in using this company and its assets.

There is complete support for a new body and it is just the details that are yet to be worked out with Queensland, Tasmania and Western Australia agreeing to get on and use this company rather than starting another from scratch. Victoria is reserved in its support wanting to see the due diligence completed first and also wanting to look at other structures as maybe the way forward.

Following this the State Presidents and others spoke on a wide range of topics covering the starting and running of a National association many of which cannot be agreed until there is commitment from the States to own the new company and meetings conducted on how to structure and run it.

Since the meeting progress has been made on getting the audits finalized which will be the main part of the due diligence after which we can again review our States position and hopefully commit to joining MSA Ltd as full founding members and invite the other States and territories to join us.

Mensheds Australia was established 2006 with the intent of being a national body that Sheds joined directly, without state associations. It was in competition with AMSA, which was then a body owned by state associations. AMSA became dominant, but more recently moved away from that model. Now it will be Mensheds Australia that is the National body based solely on state associations.