Bettina Arndt has opened a tin of worms and set the emails flowing with her YouTube and article on Women in Men’s Sheds. You can watch her video here.  She’s got another good one here.

The “Men’s Sheds of WA Inc” (MSWA) has discussed this a few times. We have had a talk to the anti-discrimination people and received assurance that they support a Shed’s right to not allow women into it on the grounds that it inhibits men from talking about the things that worry or concern them and this we support.

There are also Sheds that allow women into them as members and sometimes as groups or under instruction with partners and we support those Sheds just as well.

We recognise that all Sheds have the right to decide how they conduct their activities and that they will change their minds and culture from time to time. Some will thrive and some will fail depending on the decisions they make. Just as some men will leave a Shed that decides to allow women to become members and others will not mind.

We would encourage Sheds to ask themselves “are we acting in the best interests of the Men’s Shed movement” before seeking to change things. This is the question that is most important to us all of the time we are acting for the Men’s Sheds of W.A.

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